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1995 saab 900s 3 door

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Tilmeldt: 25. jul 2014, 11:44

29. jul 2014, 23:49

marcel skrev:I have an 900 S from 1995 myself. It runs 8,4 l/100 km. Bought af few months ago for 10.000 DKK.
3.500 is VERY cheap! Rememenber you will get at least 1.700 in return if you scrap it. Probabyly 2.000 since it is at rather heavy car.
From what you tell, I would very much consider to scrap it, and buy another 900 - but let someone who knows a litte more about cars (and SAABs) look at it first.
i completly agree man theese ware my taughts exactly ...thats why i tried to do some research first...
one thing tough did your car allso had those gearbox problems ...from what i understand it usualy happend to these cars ... mine now is doing a verry wierd jolt between engine brake and acceleration.....and i am not sure what it could be could be the engine mounts ...but the engine seems preaty sturdy ....i mean i pushed into abit.....and i could mouve the car ...but the engine was rock solid ...idk gonna see a mechanic soon ...but if you have any idea about the gearbox isues please tell me

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